Ethique | Concentrated Beauty Bars

Ethique | Concentrated Beauty Bars

Concentrated beauty bars that are ethically sourced and have no negative impact on the environment? Yes please!

Ethique* was founded back in 2012 by Brianne, a New Zealand biochemist who has created a range of solid beauty bars, from shampoo and conditioners, to makeup removers and serums, and is continuing to expand the collection.

Ethique was nice enough to send me a couple of products from both the haircare and skincare products and being some of the first solid beauty products I have tried I have well and truly put them to the test.

Frizz Wrangler is the shampoo for those of us with dry and frizzy hair who are in a committed relationship with our hot hair tools. It contains coconut and cocoa butter that helps smooth frizz but doesn’t weigh the hair down like some products can.

The Guardian conditioner is the perfect companion to frizz wrangler. It contains cupuaco butter, which is a natural heat protectant, coconut oil and lime oil which not only makes it smell like a tropical paradise but also helps hydrate dry hair.

Both bars can be used by wetting and then sliding through damp hair, or lathering in your hands first and then applying to your hair. The shampoo does take a little bit more work to get it to foam compared to traditional shampoos but it’ll get there!

My hair felt clean, while still being soft and smooth after using the duo and I didn’t have to use as much oil in my hair as I normally do after washing.

In Your Face is a cleanser designed for more oily and acne prone skin. IYF contains coconut oil, mandarin and orange essential oil, cocoa butter, raspberries and a tonne of sea salt. It is a little too solid for my liking and takes a bit of work to get it to lather in my hands but it cleans my face nicely and doesn’t leave it dry and tight afterwards. Plus it’s pretty and pink!

Superstar! is the product for those of us that can be super lazy at night. It’s a cleansing balm, makeup remover and moisturiser all in one. It contains cocoa and kokum butter and coconut and castor oil. It also comes in a cute heart shape if you get the sample sizes like I did! Just wet the bar, rub it between your hands and massage it onto your wet face. It effectively removes all my makeup, including my long wearing products.

Overall I enjoyed the products I tried and will definitely be purchasing a few more to try!

All Ethique orders come with a business card containing all the information you could need and it tells you how many bottles your order saved, mine saved 12!

What solid beauty bars have you tried and do you recommend them?

*while the products in this post were sent to me all opinions are my own.