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For many people, myself included, Christmas just isn’t complete without the perfect festive candle. Whether you love the more traditional scents or can’t resist something a little different, with all the candle brands around now you’re bound to find something to suit your taste. So today we’re going to chat about some of the scents available this year.

Glasshouse $46.95

Obviously Glasshouse was going to be mentioned. Their scents are great and the packaging this year is just spot on with the current trend

Night Before Christmas Dancing Sugar Plums – a combination of blackcurrant, plum, lemon and lavender. I miss out on this one every year becuase it goes so quick but it’s such a fruity and delicious scent.

Under The Mistletoe Spiced Apple and Red Berries – cinnamon and apple with a hint of red berries. If this doesn’t remind you of Christmas then I don’t know what will.

White Christmas Cedar Leaf and Fruity Clove – cedar leaf, fruity clove, eucalyptus and pine is perfect for those of you who want to pretend you’re having a snowy Christmas

Peppermint Grove $42.95

Sugared Shortbread – buttercream, maple cookie, shortbread, vanilla and tonka bean. I love this scent, it’s so delicious and reminds me of Christmas baking with nanna.

Crushed Pine and Clove – cedarwood, pine, clove, eucalyptus, vanilla, patchouli, lime and orange. If the Glasshouse one is too much of a tree scent then this one might work better with the vanilla and citrus.

Coconut and Lychee some very different scents were brought out this year and I am not complaining. Coconut, lychee, musk, vanilla and passionfruit would be the perfect scent combo to go with a Christmas pavlova.

Ecoya $44.95

Dark Chocolate, Meringue and Raspberry – chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and caramel. Does this not sound like the perfect Christmas Eve scent while drinking mulled wine?!

Summer Spritz – This smells like a summer cocktail and it’s just so delicious! Orange, peach, lime, tart apple and prosecco.

Fresh Pine – pine needles, rosewood and citrus. As you can see there are a few pine scent options around this year and hopefully this year I can find the perfect one for me!

Circa Home $32.95

Cinnamon Sticks – If you’re after a good cinnamon scent this would be a good option. It smells like cinnamon and vanilla and would be perfect for cooler weather.

Raspberry and Rhubarb – not a traditional scent but the combination of raspberry and rhubarb is kind of the perfect combination for the warmer Australian Christmas.

Made By Jes $30 or 4 for $100

I discovered Jes earlier in the year but she has the best scents and the most gorgeous labels with her collections so I just had to include her in this list!

Tinsel – pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, peppermint and vanilla. I may be allergic to actual tinsel but this is one I can get behind.

A Night Before Christmas – apple cider, spruce, cranberry, plum, cinnamon and vanilla beans. This has pretty much every Christmas scent you can think of in one!

Eggnog – rum, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, buttercream and vanilla. I love eggnog and can only imagine how good this one smells!

Elf Sweat – even Santa’s hard-working elves are getting their own scent this year! Eucalyptus, spearmint, cinnamon, clove, orange, lemon, vanilla and musk.

Dusk $34.99

Dusk has a massive selection and I made a mistake of smelling this range and now I want them all.

Candies Cherries – candied cherry, rose and jasmine. I’m not normally a massive cherry scent person but this one is muted with the rose and jasmine and makes it a nice floral scent.

Mulled Wine – red wine, cinnamon, clove and orange. Okay, every year we do a friend Christmas dinner and we always make mulled wine. This reminds me of that and for that reason I love it.

Gingerbread – cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar. If some gingerbread scents are too spicey for you then this one would be perfect for you. It’s sweeter and that makes it my fave

Peppermint Cocoa – peppermint, chocolate and vanilla. I need like three of these because it’s just so delicious.

Ikea $3.99

Vinter – cinnamon, clove and maple.

Be Enlightened $39.99

Cinnamon and Nutmeg – cinnamon and nutmeg and it’s a gorgeous dark red colour? If this doesn’t scream Christmas then I don’t know what will!

The Aromatherapy Company $14.95

White Chocolate Truffle – okay I found this one will browsing Myer but how good does it sound?! White chocolate, vanilla and caramel. It is a mini but the jar is so cute that I couldn’t not include it!

Viktor and Rolf – $65

Flowerbomb – Okay not a Christmas scent but it’s out for Christmas so I’m including it. We all know what Flowerbomb smells like and this is unnecessary but I still want it.


I’ll be heading to Dusk this weekend because I have a voucher to spend but what scent will you be burning this Christmas?


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  • I can 110% confirm that the Under the Mistletoe and White Christmas candles from Glasshouse Fragrances are increddddddible!

    Sharni xo