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For many people, myself included, Christmas just isn’t complete without the perfect festive candle. Whether you love the more traditional scents or can’t resist something a little different, with all the candle brands around now you’re bound to find something to suit your taste. So today we’re going to chat about some of the scents available this year. View Post


9 Things I Wish I’d Known About Blogging.

9 Things I Wish I'dKnown About Blogging


I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now and I kind of just jumped into it without really thinking about it too much or talking to anyone to find out their tips are to starting a blog. Really probably should have. So I made a post in the Bloggers United Australia Facebook group a little while ago asking the members over there what some of their tips are.

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I have a lovely candle review for you guys today.
About a month ago while I was sipping on my wine and flicking through my Twitter feed I came across a tweet from Tanda Modern (@tandamodern) about looking for a blogger to review some of their candles.

So  like the opportunist and candle lover that I am I quickly swallowed my wine, opened up my email and sent off a quick email before settling back onto the couch and continuing with my night.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to review a few products and the review I have for you today is the medium candle in lavender, cucumber and sage.*

I told Alyson of Tanda Modern to send me any fragrances. 95% of the time when I buy a new candle it will be a bakery or sweet fruity fragrance and while I love those sort of scents I was in the mood to try out something different.

And I’m so glad I did!

I’m not someone who will generally pick a herb fragrance (unless it’s mint because I’m addicted to that stuff!) but this is one that will be going on the repurchase list.
While the fragrance is strong and fills the room, it isn’t overpowering. The one concern I had with this candle was possibly being only able to smell one scent and that isn’t an issue. You are able to smell each scent and the combination of scents is a pleasant one.

Update on the smell – I was burning another candle (we won’t discuss that one because it was horrible) and I could smell this candle over the other one. It’s one strong candle!

The scent throw is amazing and fills my room, with the wax pooling nicely and evenly as it burns.

Overall I’m quite impressed with this candle.

Tanda Modern candles are based in Melbourne, Australia.

All candles are vegan, kosher and animal friendly and made with soy wax and use a cedar wood wick.

Tanda has a range of 11 fragrances along with special seasonal collections. Along with candles, you can also purchase melts, reed diffusers and a bunch of different votive holders.

The medium candle burns for approximately 50 hours and is only $30.

If you wish to purchase a small candle the burn time is 30 hours and $20 with the large candle being $40 and having an amazing burn time of 90 hours!

Or if you prefer something smaller/prefer something without a flame the melts come in a pack of 6 with 10 hours burn time a melt and only $10.

*While these items were sent to me all opinions are mine and mine alone.