Rodan + Fields Redefine Range | Review


Happy Thursday! Today, since it’s the launch day in Australia, we’re going to chat about Rodan + Fields.

Mid last year I was contacted by Cherish, a Rodan + Fields consultant, about trying and reviewing some products as they were planning their Australian launch. At that point I hadn’t heard much about the company so I thought it was the perfect time to meet up and learn a bit more about it. View Post


RY Luxe Skincare

Sometimes you’ve just got to treat yo self. RY is one of my favourite online Australian retailers and they have recently launched their Luxe Skincare category and it contains 24 highend brands to help you treat your skin. Skincare is one thing I feel you can spend more money on so when RY emailed me offering to send me a few things I jumped at the chance to try some products out.

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Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub | Review

It’s no secret that I have a serious matte lip addiction. I just love the way matte lipsticks look and how long they last on the lips. Unfortunately though matte products can dry out your skin and matte lipsticks do not look pretty on dry and chapped lips!

Luckily for us all though lip scrubs are a thing and we can have perfectly applied lipstick all the time. I had been wanting to get my hands on the Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub ever since they were released so when the Black Friday sales came around and Discount Beauty Boutique had 15% off everything I just needed had to to add one to my order. The lip scrubs retail for $12USD on the Jeffree Star website or $25AUD from most Australian retailers and contain 30g of product, so definitely not the most cost effective product when you compare it to the 25g lip scrubs from Lush that are only $9.95AUD. The Jeffree Star lip scrub comes in four flavours, Rootbeer, Strawberry Gum, Spearmint and Mojito. I opted to get the scrub the the mojito flavour.

I really wanted to love this scrub, I really did.

I love the hard plastic of the packaging, it’s sturdy and I can chuck it in my bag without worrying about it breaking and the sugar mixture going all through my bag. Plus the scent is amazing, the perfect combination of mint and lime with just  a hint of rum.

Unfortunately that’s where what I like about the scrub ends. The scrub itself is fairly dry and requires a bit of effort to get the scrub out of the jar. The scrub is a fairly coarse consistency yet despite that it does require me to go over my lips two or three times before it removes all the dry skin, and with the scrub being coarse by the third time it’s almost painful to use. Once my lips are nice and smooth the scrub leaves a thin layer of oil over my lips.

So would I recommend buying this scrub? Honestly no. I’ll keep using it at night to use it up but I won’t be in a rush to go out and repurchase it.

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